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What is the status of CorintMC – Mini-Games

July 2, 2018 11:35 am

That is a great question. As I have not updated anything in a very long time. This is not due to work being done. Instead it is actually quite the opposite. We had a huge data loss that caused us to have to scramble to get things back on track.

As of this past weekend thanks to _Fonix and his continued support we are now almost back to 100% as we were before that data loss.

When are we launching. I still do not have a date as of yet, stay tuned as I will be releasing dates in the very near future.

  • Alpha will be the first opportunity to start testing
  • Beta will be the next phase
  • Launch

If you have not signed up on the Forums or joined our Discord to be part of the community I would highly recommend doing so, as we are a fast growing community with the anticipation of bringing some traditional mini-games as well as new games.



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Vessel in a Vase

September 17, 2018 7:51 pm

The practice of putting ships in bottles dates back to at least the eighteenth century, meaning that for 300 years, people have been fascinated by the idea that something as big as a ship could fit through the narrow neck of a bottle. The truth is that these ships are often put together inside the bottle with a long pair of tweezers and a lot of patience.

Builder Jason Yu didn’t use tweezers to create his Minecraft ship-in-a-bottle (or even a bottle – technically it’s a vase). “When I first started creating the vase, I had no idea what I was going to create,” he says.

The vase was a test at first – Jason was messing around with the “deform” command, which rotates objects to put them at an angle. “To test the command, I first created a completely upright vase,” he says, which he then rotated to put it at the angle seen in the final images.

“At this point, I thought to myself that it would be really cool if I could add some roses falling out of the vase,” Jason says. He started constructing the water that the roses would have been sitting in, which spilled out of the vase as it tipped over. It was as he was building the water out of white and light blue stained glass that he realised that a ship would be way cooler than flowers (no offence to our millions of florist readers).

“I have little experience building ships,” he admits, “so I had to use a lot of reference images. I wanted to make the ship small enough to easily fit inside of the vase, but large enough that it was too big to fit through the neck of the vase.” After he had settled on how big the ship was, the rest was easy, he says. “I simply had to build the boat and paste it into the vase. After a few final edits, the build was complete.”

There are lots of details within Jason’s build that he agonised over. He remembers worrying about each little thing: “how large should the waves be? Should there be a lot of water or just a little? How many masts should the ship have in order to best highlight the shape of the vase?” There was also the added difficulty of building at an angle – most Minecraft builds are on solid ground, or solid… water, at least, with a nice flat surface to start from. Jason’s vase was already tilted, so that meant building a ship in a different way.

“I had to adjust the typical shapes in order to match the correct position,” Jason says. He points out that the front mast is leaning forward more than the others, so that anyone looking at the build can definitely tell that the ship is too tall to fit through the neck of the vase.

“Because these tiny ships are crafted inside of the bottle, they inherently cannot have exquisite details,” Jason explains. He describes the objects, the vase and the ship, as being “generic” because less detail makes it look more lifelike.

“I wanted to communicate to the viewer the simple idea that a ship is flowing out of a vase. To convey this information, all that is necessary is to make the most generic-looking ship possible.” The ship has white sails, a brown body and red flags – it’s the most shippy ship imaginable. “Although I could have added many additional colours and details,” Jason says, “I think that would have distracted from the overall mood of the piece.”

When people build ships in bottles, it’s usually for a purpose, whether that purpose is to create something nice for their bookshelf, or to practise having a steady hand. But for Jason, the goal was much simpler. “As long as I enjoy the work I produce,” he says, “I am satisfied.”

Me too! Well, actually, I haven’t slept for two weeks because I’m constantly wondering how I could get that bottle out of the vase without breaking it 🙁

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Minecraft on Instagram!

September 15, 2018 3:38 pm

Do you love love love, but wish our articles contained more incredible images and less of my dumb words? Then you should be following Minecraft on Instagram!

Also, ouch.

We’ve been on Instagram since late last year, creating exclusive Minecraft art and animations you won’t find anywhere else. Want to take a deep dive into the history of our swimming animations? Learn more about how each block works? See a cute Minecraft pig waddling through your feed? Of course you do! Even I want to follow Minecraft on Instagram! But I can’t remember my password 🙁

The origins of The Drowned get explained in this creepy animation. I’m too scared to watch it myself, but I’m sure you’re braver than me, so click here to watch it on Instagram!

Learn more about your favourite mobs with these handy mob cards! We’ve made a fun little animation for each mob too – click here to see one!

We sent our best film crew underwater, and they came back with this ace film showing the history of our swimming animations!

If you want to learn more about items, we’ve got animated crafting recipes and clips of said items in action. So if you’ve been playing Minecraft for years and never figured out how to make a pickaxe (er, really?) then click here!

We’ve made animations for the blocks too! Watch this one by clicking here. They’re full of behind-the-block facts. Fun and educational? Just how do we do it?

Still reading this? When you could be clicking this line of green text and heading to our Instagram? Suit yourself, but there’s no point sticking around here. My writing isn’t suddenly gonna start getting better. Seriously, I’m not even planning to finish this article properl

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Remaking History

September 14, 2018 4:54 pm

We’ve featured loads of great castle builds on this site. Here’s one. Ooh, here’s another. And another. Is that enough? Nope, here’s one more! Sorry, we just love your castle builds a lot. So many builders put tons of effort into making creative, detailed, and simply gorgeous fortresses. Here, have a BONUS CASTLE.

These brilliant Minecraft projects don’t have the same upkeep needs as real castles. Hooray! However, real castles all over Britain and other parts of the world do need regular upkeep – a task that’s sadly a lot harder than just switching to Creative Mode or turning the cheats on.

That’s where English Heritage comes in.

This is England’s Kenilworth Castle, rebuilt block-by-block in Minecraft to look how it did in 1575. Keep reading to see how it came about!

English Heritage is a charity dedicated to preserving over 400 monuments. They’re now working with the educational and community-focused Blockworks collective to get people interested in their work and all the real castles that they look after.

“Minecraft aligns well with our ambitions,” says Eric Winbolt, Head of Digital Innovation at English Heritage. “It has a large audience, castles are already a popular theme, and by bringing it into our properties we can blend the new and old, the real and the virtual.”

English Heritage and Blockworks have been working hard on a number of projects relating to some of England’s most famous buildings. At Dover and Kenilworth castles, visitors were invited to try recreating the monuments, complete with all their ancient walls, towers, and details, in Minecraft.

Want to play around with an interactive 3D model of Blockworks’ build? Well too bad, you can’t. Oh, wait, yes you can! Follow this link!

“It was an engaging way to playfully inform younger audiences about the heritage behind the fictional castles they already know,” Eric explains. “The workshops were hugely over-subscribed, with places fully booked up within minutes of the sites opening.

“Even if you were unable to attend, we had YouTuber AmyLee sat in her replica throne, snapping selfies and swapping tips on castle construction. And after that, you still have a real castle to explore!” But if you missed out on these exciting workshops, don’t worry; they’re looking into how they can do more in the future, as well as thinking about how they can integrate Minecraft into other experiences.

One way you can get involved right now is by building something yourself. English Heritage are currently running a competition to find the very best castle creator, and the winner will get to stay in one of the actual castles for three nights – so what are you waiting for? Click this line of green text to learn more!

You’ll have to do something really impressive to top Blockworks’ build though. The castle image that made you click on this article in the first place (unless you clicked on it because you really liked the title ‘REMAKING HISTORY’ – in which case, thanks!) is of Kenilworth Castle. It’s a terrific recreation, one designed to teach people about the amazing construction of this real life monument.

Blockworks’ managing director James Delaney explains: “We worked with the historians at English Heritage to recreate the castle exactly as it was in 1575, including all of the interiors and furnishings. We had to consult historical sources, plans, and illustrations to work out what would still have been there in 1575.

“The site underwent significant changes in the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th centuries – so working out what was there in 1575 was like solving a huge ancient jigsaw puzzle!”

Soon, the recreation will be made available to all Minecraft Java users, so you can take a virtual tour of the property, but for now, take a peek at the videos made for English Heritage by YouTuber GeminiTay.

GeminiTay’s first video covers the castle’s excellent exterior!

GeminiTay points out some really neat details about the castle, like how it uses a red and orange colour scheme to imitate the sandstone construction of the real thing, and how it’s set high up on the hill for self-defence purposes.

There are also spots for outdoor activities, like the stables and hedge maze, but it’s the interiors where James and the Blockworks builders had to work really hard. “We had to map out the correct function and use of every single room so as to give it appropriate decoration and furnishing – this took even more time than creating the exterior structure of the castle,” he tells me.

GeminiTay’s second video covers the incredibly detailed interior!

That’s not very surprising, as there are so many rooms inside! Bedrooms, storage rooms full of chests, a huge basement, and a grand hall perfect for feasts and dances. For me, the best detail has to be the suits of armour that stand guard over the corridors, though I like the fireplaces too. These would have been indispensable in the real castles, since they didn’t have central heating back then. Did they even have fire in 1575? Probably not.

If it seems like it must have been hard work for the builders to think about all these little things, imagine what it would have been like to make the real thing all the way back in medieval times! Creative Mode, I’m never taking you for granted again.

“The build captured the imagination of everyone from young Minecrafters to young at heart English Heritage staffers,” Eric enthused. “It vividly offers a fresh lens with which to view this much loved property.”

If you’re thinking of making your own castle for the competition, GeminiTay also has plenty of tips to help you out, so be sure to check out her videos. And even if you’re not a builder, there’s inspirations of all kinds to be found at English Heritage sites, so have a look to see what’s nearby and plan a fun day out!

Will visiting real castles inspire you lot to build another 732,998,000 Minecraft castle builds for us to cover? We hope so!

Thanks to: Blockbuilders and AmyLee for facilitating the workshops, GeminiTay for her videos, and Blockworks as the project managers and builders of the Kenilworth castle model.

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Minecraft Merch at Target

September 12, 2018 6:58 pm

Do you live in America? Do you love Minecraft (hopefully, or you’re on the wrong site)? Would you like over 75 new pieces of Minecraft merchandise to be available at Target stores across the U.S, along with 80 only-at-Target finds? Including exclusive MINECON Earth merchandise?

Well you’re in luck! Because your incredibly-specific dream is about to come true – Target now offer tons of great new Minecraft merchandise, including apparel, toys and home decoration! In theory, you could be wearing Minecraft while playing Minecraft, inside your Minecraft-themed house. That sounds like the right amount of Minecraft!

We’ve included some screenshots of the new loot in this article, but why not click here and have a browse on the Target website?

Plus! As part of our celebrations for MINECON Earth 2018, we’re holding a free in-store event at Target stores on September 22. It’ll be happening at all 1800 Target stores across the US!

Here’s what you can expect from the event:

  • Find mobs! Explore the store in a Minecraft scavenger hunt!
  • Exclusive early access to a new Minecraft minigame from Noxcrew – Grid Runners! Plus a new comic from Dark Horse, and loads more free giveaways!
  • Build your very own LEGO Creeper mini-figure (only at select stores. See for more details!)
  • The first 200 guests to select stores get to meet (and greet, should you be so inclined!) familiar faces like FavreMySabre (Atlantic Terminal Target), Shubble (Los Angeles Target), AntVenom (Houston North Central Target) and JeromeASF (Redmond Target).
  • All that new merch we mentioned earlier!

JeromeASF, Shubble, AntVenom and FavreMySabre will also be battling for glory this Friday, during a livestream of the new Grid Runners minigame! You can catch that livestream on September 14 at 1pm PDT on our official Mixer and Twitch channels. Don’t forget to attend one of the events if you want an exclusive copy of the game!

These events will be taking place at all Target stores across the U.S on September 22. Remember, that’s a week before MINECON Earth on September 29. Enjoy the new merch!

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Panels Return at MINECON Earth

September 10, 2018 4:00 pm

Panels! You asked us to bring them back and we listened. We’ve made sure panels are a massive part of this year’s MINECON Earth!

The MINECON Earth livestream is broadcasting everywhere on September 29 (Save the date! Tell your friends! Tattoo the date on your forehead to help you remember! Every Mojang employee has to do this!) During the livestream, we’ll have a panel with Minecraft developers. But straight after the livestream, we’ll also have some great community panels with Minecraft experts!

All of these panels will be uploaded to our YouTube channel – so make sure you click here to subscribe and you won’t miss out on any of the upcoming panelly goodness!

Here’s the full list of panels and panellists:


Minecraft mod developers talk about how using mods can provide more options, opportunities and – most importantly – fun for players!

The panellists will be discussing what modding is, and how you can do it (so if you’re new to modding, don’t worry, you’ll still get a lot out of this panel!) They’ll be discussing the history of modding, great mods for Minecraft and even how you can make your own mods!

On this panel:
Drullkus, KingLemmingCoFH, Direwolf20, kingbdogz, Amadornes and Vazkii.


The brilliant AntVenom talks about breaking our lovely game that’s never hurt anyone. Er, he’s got a good reason, right?

Course he does! AntVenom will talk about pushing Minecraft to its absolute limits, and how ‘breaking’ elements can create fun new ways to enjoy the game! Anyone looking for a fresh perspective on how to play Minecraft will want to catch this.

On this panel:


SMP stands for Survival Multiplayer, a subject the Hermitcraft team have tons of expertise to share! Each panellist will speak about their SMP experience and give tips on successfully maintaining and evolving a Minecraft SMP.

Anyone who plays multiplayer Minecraft of any kind should get a lot out of this panel. Plus there’ll be a Q+A with questions we gathered from Minecraft players prior to the event!

On this panel:
Rendog, iskall85, MumboJumbo, cubfan135 and Stressmonster.


MCEdit is a powerful creative tool used by lots of builders to help craft their Minecraft creations. This panel will explain how MCEdit works, and how you can use it to modify and improve your Minecraft skills!

Whether you’re something of an MCEdit expert, or a total novice who’s never heard of MCEdit and are currently wondering how you pronounce it (Mac-Edit? M to the C to the E-D-I-T?), you’re bound to get a lot out of this map-making panel!

On this panel:
Podshot, naor2013, TrazLander, gentlegiantJGC and abrightmoore.

Don’t forget to watch the MINECON Earth livestream on September 29, which will feature another great panel with Minecraft developers, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on all these great panels!