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Our Marketplace Picks: January 2019

February 4, 2019 4:50 pm

A new year brings new possibilities! The Minecraft Marketplace has clearly taken that philosophy to heart, because during these past four weeks, we’ve seen tons of new community-created content added to our in-game store. Navigating through all this content can be a challenge, so it’s a good thing we have the perfect team for the job.

What team, you ask? The lovely, charismatic, polite and well-shaven members of the Minecraft Content Team of course! The content team review every map submitted to the Marketplace, and each month I beg them for their personal favourites from the past month. This time, we have Matthew Dryden, Oskar Thysell and Adam Martinsson giving you their personal recommendations.

Ready? Let’s go!

Cobble Clicker

by Polymaps

Cobble Clicker takes survival sky block mini-games to new heights, featuring unique mobs that mix things up, such as the glimmering ‘ore sheep’ or the stone-cold ‘cobblestone Creepers’. Start small on an island, then collect enough cobblestone to unlock rewards, and set up automated cobblestone crushers or mob grinders!

If you’re afraid of heights but still have that competitive drive in you, you might feel awfully conflicted about Cobble Clicker. Don’t be, because this map has got plenty of entertaining features for you to enjoy, either with friends or by yourself!

Matthew has had the pleasure of soaring high among these sky blocks:

Diamond Ore Sheep and Cobblestone Creepers are something I wish I could have thought of! I’ve played a ton of sky block maps. This mix of the “clicker” genre and sky block feels like a match made in clouds. (Get it? Do you get my joke? Ok, cool.)
Matthew Dryden

Once you’ve finished laughing at Matthew’s brilliant joke, learn more about Cobble Clicker at the Marketplace page.

Deep Sea

by Monster Egg Studios

Are you just longing for an epic adventure under the sea, but lack a decent aquatic skin to wear? I hate it when that happens, but fear no more! With Deep Sea from Monster Egg Studios, you can explore the deep in style, thanks to a colourful skin pack that lets you blend in with the aquatic life. Swim amongst the creatures of the ocean or play hide and seek with your friends!

Our most experienced scuba diver (probably?), Adam has first-hand experience with this skin pack:

If you’re like me and are terrified of deep sea creatures, there’s only one solution to deal with it: become them! Much like the creatures they were modelled after, these skins are unique, a little bit cute, and slightly unnerving – which makes them perfect for sneaking up on your friends from the ocean floor. Watch out, Oskar!
Adam Martinsson

Learn more about the ten skins by diving into Deep Sea’s Marketplace page.

Minewood Roleplay

by Impulse

Here at Mojang, we love big cities, and Impulse’s multiplayer roleplay map ‘Minewood City’ is no exception. It’s the home to the richest and most famous Minecrafters around, and the perfect place to become an actor, director or business owner. Not for you? Then become a villain instead!

Sound’s awesome! I would make the perfect villain, don’t you think, Oskar?

I don’t know why, but I got this creepy feeling all of a sudden… er, where was I? Oh yes, life in the big city – will we ever get tired of it? Here comes another resounding “nope!”. I get mixed feelings with maps like these. On one hand, it’s beautiful and detailed, but on the other, I’m super-jealous of the houses which looks way better than what I can conjure up with a pile of cobblestone and random assorted blocks.
Oskar Thysell

Well, I don’t feel jealous at all – because now I’m a villain, I can just steal any house I come upon in Minewood City! Hooray!

Learn more about Minewood City (and please don’t report me to the police) on the Marketplace page.

There’s tons of amazing content just waiting to be explored! Have a browse of the Minecraft Marketplace to find your new favourite!

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Which Mob Makes the Best Pet?

February 2, 2019 12:00 pm

Welcome, one and all, to my Little Mob Shop of Horrors! Er, I mean, my Little Mob Shop of Adorable and Completely Safe Companions! Yes, if it’s a pet mob you’re after, then you’ve come to the right website! Because I’m literally not letting you leave without buying one.

Besides, why wouldn’t you want to keep a mob as a pet? Pets are like friends, except better, because they never interrupt you when you’re talking or criticise your haircut. That’s why I don’t have any friends and just have pets instead! That’s the only reason.

Have a look through this list of mobs, all perfect pet material. I’ve also asked several Minecraft developers which mob they’d choose! Their answers may surprise you…


Which pet mob could be better than the miserable face of Minecraft? Cheer up, Creeper – you’re world famous!

PROS: Like I said, it’s an internationally-recognised global superstar! Seriously, it’s blowing up right now! RUN.

CONS: What are you supposed to feed them, anyway? TNT? Oh, and there’s that whole ‘will explode and destroy you instantly’ thing that we mentioned. That gets irritating.


Trust me my friends, this much-feared lanky horrorshow is really a big softie. One who’s just looking for a loving home! It’s also looking for a fresh victim in that home, but try not to think about that.

PROS: Purple-pink eyes are a lovely facial feature that you should, er, never risk looking at. Extra long limbs surely make for extra long hugs. Chases you with obsessive persistence, never stopping, never slowing, until you’re finished (so, y’know, very loyal!)

CONS: Not great with eye contact. Doesn’t react well to me generously offering it water, even when I generously throw said water it in its face.

I think I would have to go with tropical fish. I’m a pretty busy guy and they are easy to look after and remind me of the Koi that I have in my backyard.


This fire-spitting spectre may sound like one gross ghost, but you’ll soon learn to love this mob like it’s your own child! Until it starts crying like a child. Which it, er, does all the time. No refunds.

PROS: Unlikely to need expensive pet food as it’s already deceased. Will truly make your house a home, as it’s guaranteed to light up any room you keep it in! Fire extinguisher not included.

CONS: You’ll have to move to The Nether to keep it, but renting in The Nether is really cheap right now. Can’t imagine why.


OK, OK, spiders and skeletons aren’t the cutest mobs in Minecraft, true. And sure, most customers report that it tries to pierce them with arrows as soon as they leave my store. But, er, I’ll throw in those arrows at no extra cost! So we have a deal, right? Please, I need to shift this thing before it gets my scent again.

PROS: It’s two pets in one! Which is why I’m charging double.

CONS: Technically you already have a pet skeleton, living inside your body, and so getting another one would just be greedy. You also have a pet spider in your hair right now, as do I, so getting another one would just be greARGHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF

Well, the only viable choice is the humble sea pickle. What? That’s not a mob? Fine. Skeleton Horses are a distant second place then. Which other pet can you ride under the ocean? Skeleton Horses are the least needy and most trusty pet in the game, hands down.


So excited to get a pet that you can’t sleep? Have I got the perfect horrifying sky beast for you.

PROS: Oh sure, it might look like it’s swooping down to attack you, but maybe it’s swooping down to give you a back rub? Let’s stay up and find out! You first.

CONS: Have to stay awake for three days to spend any time with it. Hard to take for walks. Haven’t seen that customer I sent outside for a back rub for months now. He’s probably fine.


This statue-come-to life would be a solid choice of pet! Far better than the statue-not-come-to-life I keep as a pet. Should a man in his late twenties still own a pet rock? That’s a conversation for another time.

PROS: Occasionally brings you a flower! An incredibly sweet gesture, until your neighbour sends you a bill for their ruined garden.

CONS: People might accuse you of not washing your pet properly when they see that plant-life is literally growing over it.

Absolutely, without a doubt, I’d keep a spider as a pet. I’d love to be able to take a ride on the back of the spider into town, or into battle. Why would you need a dog to keep out intruders when you’ve got a GIANT SPIDER? Nobody will mess with you!


A three-headed freak? Buddy, everything good comes in threes! That’s why I’ll need you to make three expensive payments right now.

PROS: Countless! Trust me, let this corruption-inflicting cutie into your life and I promise it’ll truly melt your heart. Hearts turn black when they melt, right? That’s what’s happening here? Something good?

CONS: Triple the heads means triple the pet food bills.


Did you know nine out of ten goldfish can’t even shoot lasers from their eyes? Pathetic. Luckily our next potential pet won’t let you down and will fire lasers at you. You’re welcome.

PROS: Will guard your underwater death fortress, making you feel less stupid about that time you impulse bought an underwater death fortress. Gives free laser-eye surgery.

CONS: Supposed to have a better memory than goldfish, and yet still failed to remember my birthday 🙁

The animal I most often keep as a pet in Minecraft is the sheep! I have a big hill close to my house and on that hill I have all my sheep, in all the possible colors. Perfect since I love to build with wool. Often great, but I have had some… incidents… when building fireplaces… They are also very fluffy and cute!


If Mabel Pines has taught us anything, it’s that we should all own a pet pig. This delightful little porker has been guilt-tripping non-vegetarians with its cuteness since the earliest days of Minecraft… Wait, I’ve changed my mind, it’s not for sale! Don’t leave me, Mr Porky!

PROS: Pink. Adorable. You can put a saddle on its back for the world’s most literal piggy-back ride.

CONS: How come when I’m eating out of a trough on all fours, no one calls me adorable?


What’s that? Apparently selling mobs capable of breathing fire to children over the internet isn’t legal? Well then, looks like I’m out of business. So let’s wrap this up before the police get here and end on the chosen pet of lead Minecraft developer, Jens Bergensten:

If I could, I would have a pet Zombie Pigman. It would defend me against other monsters, and is fire resistant so lava lakes ain’t a problem 😉

You’re a strange man, Jens. Brilliant, but strange. Anyway, I’ve gotta go feed my pet rock. Bye!

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Taking Inventory: Spider Eye

February 1, 2019 12:30 pm

The first time that I realised Minecraft was different to other games, that it was a little bit special, was when I first dug all the way down to bedrock. As I descended, I heard strange noises through the walls, gradually getting louder and louder. Soon it sounded as if they were right next to me. I mined one more block, and broke through into an enormous underground cave. And staring back at me were a set of bright red eyes.

Spiders were added to Minecraft in late 2009, but it wasn’t until the version 1.0 pre-release, in September 2011, that it became possible to obtain their eyes. A spider, or cave spider, has the chance to drop a single spider eye when killed by the player. You can also find spider eyes in some desert temple chests, or when killing witches.

Eating spider eyes is possible, but not recommended. It’ll restore a full nugget of hunger, but applies a poison effect that lasts four seconds and causes two full hearts of damage. Instead, you should use them in the creation of potions – an awkward potion brewed with a spider eye will create a potent poison.

The other thing you can do with a spider eye is ferment it, with sugar and a brown mushroom in a crafting grid. The resulting fermented spider eye is inedible, but it lets you brew up more advanced potions, like potion of weakness, harming, slowness or invisibility. Experiment and see what you can come up with!

Tom: Duncan included a close-up photo of a real spider when he submitted this article to us, and it was so traumatising that I haven’t been able to sleep since. So I’ve used my mad art skills and replaced it with this excellent drawing of a spider. You’re welcome!

Most real-world spiders have eight eyes, divided into four pairs. The two big ones at the front are capable of forming images, while the others simply detect light. There are spiders with fewer eyes. Some have six, some four, some just two, and some cave-dwelling species have no eyes at all.

Spiders have surprisingly good vision compared to other creepy-crawlies. The human eye is only about five times sharper than that of a jumping spider, which needs to see to take down its prey. Their eyes are ten times better than those of dragonflies, which have by far the best vision among insects.

So next time you see a set of red eyes staring at you inside a cave in Minecraft, don’t be under any illusions. The spider can see you, and it’s coming to get you. Have a great weekend!

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Wandering Trader, Shields and more now in beta!

January 31, 2019 4:30 pm

Have you tried playing a Minecraft beta? It’s where we test upcoming features of the game! To try these features, you have to play a version of Minecraft that supports betas (so that’s the Windows 10, Xbox One and Android versions). You can learn how to sign up for a Minecraft beta on each version here. You can also find more help regarding this specific beta on our feedback site.

(Playing Minecraft Java and want to try upcoming features? Click here to learn more about Snapshots

Remember, beta features can be unstable. The reason we want players to try them this early is to give us feedback and catch bugs for us to fix – so make sure to backup your worlds!

We’ve added loads of stuff since the 1.9 beta, which added Pillagers, bamboo, new flowers and tons of new stairs and slabs! For a full list of changes and fixes, as well as a great place to give us feedback about the beta, head to our feedback site.


These features are only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings.


A villager mob that appears at a village’s gathering site periodically and stay for a period of 2-3 game days. This trader offers items from all around the Overworld, random dyes, and other rare materials.

Accompanied by a fancy custom llama!


Run, chicken, run!

We’ve added the Ravager mob, formerly known as the Illager beast! Additional behaviour and tweaks will be added in a future update.


We’ve added in the basic blocks to this beta, which can be used for decoration, at least for now. Future functionality will be added at a later date!

  • Composter
  • New stonecutter
  • Campfire
  • Cooking and smoke particles will be added in a future update!

For a full list of Experimental Gameplay Features new for this Beta, which includes Pillager Outposts, village job sites and much more, head to this page of our Feedback Site


Shields! They’ll help you defend yourself against nasty types like this…

Quick, raise your shield!

Sneaking activates the shield when equipped in either hand.


  • Place a book and quill or written book on the lectern, which will allow multiple players to read it together
  • A book and quill can be read, but not edited when placed on a lectern
  • Redstone functionality coming in a later update!

But that’s not all! We’ve added loooooooads more features. In fact, this is probably one of our biggest beta releases ever! For the full list of features, head to this page of our Feedback Site and don’t forget to give us your all-important feedback too!

Enjoy the beta!

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Minecraft Snapshot 19w05a

January 30, 2019 4:36 pm

Here’s our offer: we’ll give you a new villager, and in return you give us a ton of feedback on our latest snapshot. Sound like a fair trade to you?

Changes in 19w05a

  • Added Wandering Trader
  • Added place and break sounds for the lantern
  • The Illager Beast is now named Ravager
  • Changed how often you’ll fill a layer in the Composter
  • Bugfixes

Wandering Trader

  • Mysterious trader that can be randomly found around
  • Provides various random trades from a variety of different biomes
  • Is escorted around by a few Llamas with some sweet new decorations! (Careful! They can be temperamental)

Fixed bugs in 19w05a

  • MC-138041 – Debug screen tells that you can F3+Alt for client’s FPS, but not for server’s TPS
  • MC-138069 – End gateway teleports you to the obsidian end platform
  • MC-138225 – End crystals are spawned in the air when respawning the ender dragon
  • MC-138982 – Scaffolding connects to fences, walls etc.
  • MC-139758 – Stopping the server doesn’t work
  • MC-139819 – Profiler error “Cannot push to profiler if profiler tick hasn’t started – missing startTick()?”
  • MC-140109 – Wither and ender dragon break jigsaw blocks
  • MC-140231 – /locate command locates invalid EndCity location
  • MC-142623 – Scaffolding cannot be placed within the same block that you are standing
  • MC-142679 – Mobs cannot pathfind through scaffolding
  • MC-142680 – Items do not collide properly with scaffolding

Get the snapshot

To install the snapshot, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Launch Options” tab.

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

Want to give feedback?