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Host a Dinner Party in Minecraft

January 26, 2019 12:30 pm

Food! It’s quite honestly all I ever think about. Well, that and Minecraft, a game which is full of great recipes and tasty treats. So why not combine two great things (as recipes are wont to do) and invite some pals to play multiplayer and host your own in-game dinner party?

If you’ve never been to a dinner party before, it’s basically a great way to hang out with friends and score a free meal. Hosting one is a little trickier, so I’ve compiled a list of great recipes, decor, conversation topics and more to help you host the best Minecraft dinner party on the block!


Please don’t forget to serve ‘dinner’ at your ‘dinner party’. Learn from my mistakes.

There are all sorts of meaty treats waiting to be cooked in the fields of Minecraft (don’t worry, vegetarians – I’ve included loads of meatless options in this recipe list too). Cooked chicken, rabbit or mutton simply require their raw versions to be placed in a furnace with the fuel of your choice. Bon appétit!

Planning a classy affair? I like your style! Almost as much as posh sophisticated types like chowing down on cooked salmon. You’ll need a fishing rod to catch yourself some raw salmon, then simply pop it in the furnace with any fuel for a delightfully fishy dish. Plenty more delish fish in the Minecraft seas too!

To impress even the snootiest of guests, you’ll want to serve the fruit that keeps the doctor away and gets the thieves worryingly nearby – the Golden Apple. You’ll have to craft nine gold ingots with a regular apple to gain just one of these opulent fruits. If you’re planning on serving a lot of these, make sure you’re filthy rich and really like your guests.

Cake! The food that somehow tastes even better than winning the lottery. You’ll need three wheat, an egg, two sugar and three milk. None of these ingredients are hard to obtain, and the rewards are well worth it. It’s cake, people! It’s the greatest invention since sliced bread. Actually, sliced bread sucks. Serve sliced cake instead!

Are you or your guests vegetarian? Awesome! I’d suggest serving baked potatoes, by putting a potato in a furnace with any fuel. For a veggie-friendly desert, craft a pumpkin, sugar and egg together to make pumpkin pie. Don’t serve any poisonous potatoes by mistake, and your dinner party should be a hit. Hooray! I don’t feel well!

Almost 3 am? Trying to get your guests to leave? Defeat a few zombies until they drop some rotten flesh. Best served cold. Actually, best served not at all. In fact, it’s so horrible, that I’ve just reused the image for the recipe for cake instead. Whoever came up with the phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” clearly didn’t taste this horrible excuse for protein.


When hosting a dinner party, it’s VITAL that you mention a dress code on your invitations, unless you want to risk all your guests turning up naked. Here are some good examples of what to wear for both an smart soiree or a casual get-together:

SMART: Politely write on the invitations that anyone who doesn’t turn up in a suit will be banned from your server for life. Thanks to a blue car for letting us use their perfect Pig Suit skin as an example of outstanding porcine dress sense and etiquette. Bravo!

CASUAL: Actually, just tell your guests to wear whatever makes them happy! Few outfits have made me as happy as this Enderman Hoodie by vampbites that looks comfy as heck from the front and makes you look like an Enderman from the back. Ingenious!


Don’t let awkward silence quietly spoil the party. Here are a few ice-breakers that should get the chit-chat flowing:

  1. “What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever tried to build in Minecraft?”
  2. “Can you believe that people say I’m out of touch, just because my mansion, garden and butler are all made of diamond blocks?”
  3. “You know, according to the greatest website on the internet, the guests of a dinner party are supposed to handle all the washing up. True story.”
  4. “I’ve gathered you all here today to reveal a terrible secret. One of you is an escaped convict in disguise!” (this one never fails to get the evening going).


Why not really impress your guests by rebuilding some famous art in Minecraft? Like this magnificent recreation of the Mona Lisa.

It’s even in 3D! Suck on that extra dimension, Da Vinci!

Of course, you could always use some of the art we provide in Minecraft already, by hanging up a painting. Our very own Duncan Geere recently took a deep dive into the history of the paintings in Minecraft all of which are guaranteed to ‘class up’ your dinner party by at least 1000 percent.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest screenshot in history


You could serve lobster stuffed with diamonds, and your guests would still leave your party miserable if you made them eat it while seated in a dirt pit full of Creepers. So make sure you build a dining table and some chairs.

Let’s start with the seating:

A common way of building a chair we’ve seen in community builds is to use a slab as the seat and a door as the backrest! Just, er, careful leaning back…

They’re a bit more basic looking, but the various ‘stairs’ blocks are a quick way to build a makeshift chair. Purpur is comfy to sit on, right? Perhaps I’ll eat standing.

Next, you’ll want to build your dining table:

Slabs and stairs can make a pretty basic dining table. Lay down two rows of stairs back-to-back then place slabs over each one.

Volia! Table and chairs! Oh, I forgot to build a roof. Ah well, I’m sure my guest hasn’t noticed.

If you want to try making more complex dining room furniture, try this excellent page of the wonderful Minecraft wiki. To learn how to build a dining table that really puts my effort to shame, watch this tutorial video.

An excellent resource I found while researching this article is, a site that features loads of great ideas and tips for how to build great furniture in Minecraft!

Experiment with different designs and craft a dining experience unique to your party!


Give a perfect evening the perfect end with a toast to yourself. Here’s the one I usually make:

Thank you all so much for coming to my dinner party! It was a magical evening, thanks to me, and the exit fee is only 6000 Minecoins. Jeeves, block the doors.
Tom Stone

Inspired to hold your own Minecraft dinner party? Send us screenshots to [email protected]

Best of luck, and don’t forget to invite me!


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