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Marketplace Online

July 3, 2018 2:56 pm

Have you tried browsing the Minecraft Marketplace? It’s where you’ll find skin packs from us and a huuuuuuuge market of skins, texture packs and worlds from fantastic community creators! You can find it in the in-game menu of Minecraft on Windows 10, Xbox One, VR, mobile devices and now Nintendo Switch!

OR you could go to our new Markeplace site! We’ve designed this page to make it easier than ever to find the great Minecraft content you’re looking for, whether it’s a new skin pack for your avatar or a whole new world to explore.

You’ll find this ‘SEE WHAT’S POPULAR’ button right at the top of the Marketplace page. It’s a great way to find the Minecraft content players are most excited about!

From there you can pick a content category (Skin Packs, Worlds, etc.). Or just use the search bar. Handy!

Got questions about how Marketplace works? Our FAQ covers everything, from Minecoins to how you can access your content across all your Minecraft devices.

That’s not all! You can also share your favourite content on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, see everything from your favourite creator on their dedicated page, and much more. Why not explore it yourself? Click this lovely line of green text to be taken to the new Marketplace page!

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