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Vanilla Survival is Launched

October 4, 2018 9:52 pm

Announcing – Minecraft Vanilla 1.12.2 is now open beta. Please be aware that there may be some bugs and issues that arise but not to worry we have a staff who can fix and provide help as needed.

Server has PVP, Player Shops, Arenas, and is a Ancient Greek Based theme.

Over the next few weeks more servers like Feed The Beast Continuum will also be launched as well as a few more features and events. Please stay tuned.

Why 1.12.2 and not 1.13 you might be asking, well don’t fret. 1.13 will be coming shortly this is just beta for testing out features stability and some plugins to make sure they are functioning correctly.

We have a shop to get added perks to provide a boost in your game play.

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